I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Chewbakka has a new furever home.
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Chewbakka is a total love!  He gets along with everyone, including kids, other dogs, and cats.

Chewy knows he's a VIP (Very Important Pug), and he can't get enough of cuddling on couches (next to you or in your lap), receiving endless pets and belly rubs, getting picked up and carried/held, sleeping on ANY bed he encounters, being showered with a variety of treats, toys, and snack-filled Kongs, and taking short, frequent trips outside to enjoy the sun and smells.

Chewy's ideal day is to sleep in late with you/kids in the morning, eat a yummy breakfast, take a short walk, cuddle with family, play with a ball or squeaky toy, have a long nap, another short walk, more cuddles, play a game of fetch or tug-of-war, enjoy an early bird dinner, then get more pets before climbing under the covers for an early bedtime. 

Chewy is a large, athletic pug weighing 24 pounds.  Chewy is an active senior at eight years young, and he is equal parts cuddle bug and playful pal.  He is house trained and he walks well on a leash. Chewy hasn't been exposed to small pets that we know of, but he is completely uninterested in the birds, squirrels, and rabbits in the yard.  Chewy takes his role of lookout very seriously and he is working on his barking (and hilariously kicking out both back legs!) at all people from mail carriers at the house to passersby while out in public.  Hey, we're all a work in progress!

Chewy is a velcro dog and he wants to be with you at all times - that includes in your lap while working at a desk and during Zoom meetings. (He's always way more engaged in the discussion than that one coworker...until he inevitably falls asleep on your mousing hand.) Chewy would do best in a home that has a work-from-home person or someone enjoying retirement.  Chewy does well as an only pet but he would also enjoy the cuddling and playtime that comes with being part of a pack with other friendly pets.  

Chewy is always loving, though he may feel nervous and restless for the first few days in a new home. Plenty of cuddles, toys, treats, and games will help him settle in.

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