Brachycephalic Buddies

Boston Frenchie

While pugs may be at the heart of Church of Pug, Church of Pug is proud to support rescue efforts and share a love for similar sized, brachycephalic breeds (such as boston terriers and french bulldogs).

You might be here because you're more of a boston terrier person and you're wondering how Church of Pug supports boston terriers. Or, perhaps you've only had pugs and you're wondering what a french bulldog would be like?

We couldn't be more excited you're on this page and share about the breeds and expand our love all around.

The Boston Terrier


The Boston Terrier is a lively little companion recognized by his tight tuxedo jacket, sporty but compact body, and the friendly glow in his big, round eyes. The stylish, short 'tuxedo' coat and impeccable manners have earned this breed the nickname 'The American Gentleman.'

Boston Terriers are compact, short-tailed, well-balanced little dogs, often just slightly bigger than your typical pug, weighing no more than 25 pounds.

Ever alert to their surroundings and often quite energetic, Bostons move with a jaunty, rhythmic step. It's a safe bet that a breed named for a city will make an excellent urban pet. They are sturdy but portable, people-oriented, and always up for a brisk walk to the park or outdoor cafe.

A bright dog with a natural gift for comedy, the dapper Bostonian is a steady source of smiles.

The French Bulldog


The one-of-a-kind French Bulldog, with his large bat ears and even disposition, is one of the world's most popular small-dog breeds, especially among city dwellers.

The Frenchie is playful, alert, adaptable, and completely irresistible. Dogs of few words, Frenchies don't bark much but their alertness makes them excellent watchdogs.

They happily adapt to life with singles, couples, or families, and do not require a lot of outdoor exercise. They get on well with other animals and enjoy making new friends of the human variety. It is no wonder that city folk from Paris to Peoria swear by this vastly amusing and companionable breed.

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