Lost & Found Dogs

Have a Lost or Found Dog? We can help.

Find a pug, boston terrier or french bulldog?

Church of Pug is here to help. We have great relationships with many of the local shelters and animal control services. Our primary goal with any stray is to help reunite the lost pet with the rightful owner! We do everything we can, including registering the found dog in all the right forums to help get the pet home.

We're available 24/7 with warm beds, loving laps and don't charge fees to reunite a pet with their family. Many families, when they lose a pet, are forced to wait days until they can get their pet back and are often charged fees - not to mention the added stress and medical risk associated to a shelter.

If medically required, we can provide emergency medical care, as well, to strays in need.

Church of Pug also commits to holding any stray for the legal requirement of 30 days before considering rehoming - which is way more than the shelters who are only often required for 3 days!

If you find a pug, boston terrier or french bulldog in Washington state, please don't hesitate to reach out. Just give us a call at our emergency line, 206-992-0708.

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Church of Pug Stray Policy

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