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I'm Available Bonded With: Lynn

Quincy is a very cuddly little lady who wants nothing more than to sit on your lap all day. If you work from home, Quincy will happily sit on or near you while you work. While full of energy when awake, Quincy is an excellent napper and snores a bit like most short-nosed dogs.  Outside, Quincy loves to explore both in the yard and out on a leash.  Quincy is eager to please and will greet you enthusiastically if she was left alone for one hour or five hours.  When excited, Quincy will jump and spin in a circle and will wiggle her butt as she has barely any tail to wag. 

Quincy is house trained and will happily sleep in bed with you or in a crate. Quincy is patient for nail clipping when cradled like a baby and gives no fussing for her ears being cleaned or eyes wiped.

Quincy is very attached to Lynn but does not like other dogs.  Quincy hasn’t been tested with cats. 


Quincy and Lynn share a strong bond. They enjoy each other's company for naps and lean on each other for emotional support. If they decide to go lay down for a nap, one will pick a spot and the other will follow. When one is nervous or frightened, the other will lick their face and lean against them. 

Both girls are content to sleep in each morning and will sleep together either in bed with you or in a shared crate.  Their shared crate is a safe place that the girls go to when they need some quiet time but they also are great couch snugglers. 

  • Terrier - Boston
  • Female
  • Adult (60 - 108 Months)My DoB is 07/30/2016 (Estimated)
  • 10 - 20 Pounds
  • Affectionate
  • I Don't Like Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • $ 100.00
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